Annapolis, Maryland: Thursday (June 28), a gunman entered the Capital Gazette and opened fire on the people in the building. The Toronto Star reported that five people have lost their lives and others were wounded. The incident was described by a police spokesperson as a "targeted attack."

ABC7 reported that the NYPD arrived on the scene in around 60 seconds. The suspect was arrested. CBC News reported eyewitnesses outside the building commented on the amount of first response emergency vehicles that flooded the streets.

According to the Toronto Star, during the capture of the gunman, many people witnessed survivors running out of the newspaper building with their hands up.

Police and emergency vehicles were parked all around the building. CBC News reports that there were around 170 people in the building during the attack.

Police named the suspect gunman as Jarros Ramos

CBS News reported that police said he is a white male named Jarrod Ramos, 38. They also noted that the weapon was a "shotgun." This may yet be confirmed by police, as ABC7 wrote that "Anne Arundel Acting Police Chief William Krampf," described it as a "long gun."

The Anne Arundel County Executive, Steve Schuh, stated that the man who was arrested was not verbally cooperative.

As this attack was against the media, the New York Police Department started sending counterterrorism teams across the city to different news organizations to be on the safe side.

NYPD officers were seen outside several different news outlets like the New York Times, Fox News, and ABC News on Thursday.

Eyewitness describes the shooting

One of the reporters in the building, Phil Davis, witnessed some of the horrors. He tweeted about a single shooter shooting multiple people in his office. As the gunman entered, Phil Davis noticed people flying over their desks trying to find a safe "place to hide."

Phil Davis added that "there is nothing more intensely horrifying than hearing your coworkers getting shot while you're hiding under your desk then hear the gunman reload."

He further comments that he felt like it was like a "war zone" during the attack.

He reports on crime but felt that words were inadequate to explain the intensity of the situation.

CBC News reported that President Trump has been notified about the attack, and he tweeted his condolences.

In an updated report, ABC later noted the names of the dead.

They all worked at the Capital Gazette, and incuded four journalists. The other person was a "sales assistant." They were named as, "Wendi Winters, John McNamara, Rebecca Smith, Gerald Fischman and Robert Hiaasen."