It was a nice day at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California until a woman, who was identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam came into the headquarters and injured three people. New Information came out about the attacker who was actually putting YouTube videos up which were mostly about Persian culture, veganism and animal cruelty. In addition to that, she posted exercise tutorials and performed music parodies on YouTube and her personal website that she owned.

The attacker’s last day

Authorities believe that the policies that YouTube had implemented motivated Aghdam to shoot those three people in the company before killing herself.

In addition, she was seen in a Shooting range before the attack and there was a gun that was registered in her name that was found on the scene.

The police in Mountain View, California said that they found Aghdam sleeping inside of a car near a shopping center on Tuesday. After discovering the car, they realized that the car was connected to someone who was reported missing last Saturday, March 31.

Aghdam was interviewed by authorities and clearly stated that she was no threat to herself or others and she was in San Francisco to see if she could find a job. She mentioned nothing about YouTube at that time.

Officers contacted her family to let them know that Aghdam was located, but her father and brother called authorities back and told them about the series of videos she had on YouTube.

In that call, they did not mention anything about violent tendencies or the possibility of Aghdam lashing out as a result of her issues with YouTube. After the attack, her father, Ismail Aghdam stated that she had told her family that she hated YouTube for censoring her videos and that she was angry about that.

Handgun was registered to suspect

In the event of the attack, Aghdam fired multiple shots from a Smith and Wesson semiautomatic handgun which was registered in her name.

Aghdam did not have any ties with any of the shooting victims and police were investigating two homes that were associated with the suspects. The morning before going to the YouTube offices, Aghdam went to a local gun range.

When Aghdam got to YouTube headquarters, she went into one of the parking garages and walked into a courtyard outside where some of the employees were on their break eating lunch. Authorities are determining how much security there was in that particular area.

As of right now, the three shooting victims were rushed to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. There were two women which were a 32-year-old who was admitted in serious condition and a 27-year-old who was admitted in fair condition. They were both released on Tuesday. The third shooting victim, a 36-year-old man, was upgraded from critical to serious condition.