The number of people who conscientiously oppose Trump and his policy is increasing. The latest is the resignation of the US ambassador to Panama, John Feeley. The diplomat who is an ex-marine pilot has been a Career Diplomat for nearly three decades. He has sent in his resignation effective from March 09, this year. The diplomat had sent in his resignation much earlier to the latest foul mouth invective hurled by Trump against Haiti and similar nations. Though Trump has denied the accusation, independent observers have confirmed Trump used the invective freely.

CNBC News has reported that the ambassador has resigned as he felt he could no longer serve President Trump.


The ambassador has sent his resignation to the state department and the same has been confirmed. John Feeley has referred to his oath when he had joined the diplomatic corps to serve the President. He added that his training also centered around the fact that in case a person has a difference with the policy of the Chief Executive, he is duty bound to resign. CNBC has quoted from the resignation letter of Feeley that he could not agree with the policy of President Trump and so he felt compelled to resign.

Trump's conduct

Trump is behaving like bull in a china shop. His off-the-cuff remarks on many subjects show the president is in the habit of mouthing words that he later denies.

Apart from using intemperate language, Trump is in the habit of conveying his ideas through Twitter. This is also a first and no other president has followed this route.

The resignation of a respected member of the diplomatic corps on policy differences with the president is not something that happens often.Perhaps there are much more who find the policy and statements of Trump repugnant and are serving as they may not have an alternative source of income.

The resignation of the ambassador to Panama cannot be dismissed as a storm in the teacup and it is possible that deeper issues are involved.


The undersecretary of state for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Steven Goldstein told CNN that the resignation of Feeley was received by the White House towards the end of December.

He added that the state department was sorry to see Feeley go.

Feeley was sworn in as ambassador in January 2016. He will be replaced by the Deputy Chief of the Mission Roxanne Cabral who will officiate in his place till a new ambassador is appointed.