A radical anti-America leftist group on Jan. 9, and reported by Fox News on Tuesday, sent out a tweet that showed a photograph of a law-enforcement officer on fire, allegedly calling for violent attacks against U.S. law enforcement. In their tweet, ASN-Austin stated, “Instead of #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay, how about #LawEnforcementIncinerationDay” above a photograph of a police officer in France who was set on fire, during last year’s French May Day protest, from a Molotov cocktail that was thrown at him. The tweet was liked by other anti-American socialist activists.

ASN-Austin defines its group as the “Autonomous Student Network--Building autonomy and capacity at UT Austin” and is very anti-capitalist and an outlet for radical student activism, which appears to be growing in many colleges and universities across the U.S., especially after the election of President Trump and Vice-President Pence and well-publicized law enforcement incidents with minority citizens.

ASN-Austin website

On their website, the ASN-Austin group initiated an alert system via text messaging called, “The Autonomous Student Defense” to alert college students concerning “alleged” threats from “alleged white supremacists” on their campus.

As far as law enforcement, they see an extension of law enforcement as a form of domination and that they plan to not negotiate with the police on any level. They further said that they hope to increase new “forms-of-life” on campus that halt all methods of control. They end their radical state with “Spread Anarchy-- Live Communism”.

Fox News reached out to ASN-Austin for comment about the tweet and have not received a response.

The University of Texas, National Association of Police Organizations reaction

The University Of Texas at Austin spokeswoman told Fox News that the radical group is not associated with the university and if the group is, in fact, using the school’s name without their permission, then they will investigate.

The un-American actions and tweets by ASN-Austin have drawn strong rebukes from law enforcement groups across the U.S., in which they have called the tweet very immature and a sign of contempt for law enforcement officers and the job that they do to keep citizens safe.

William (Bill) Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations told Fox News, “These sorts of behavior are so ill-mannered, particularly coming from Texas where scores of law enforcement officers made a difference with recovery efforts after the hurricanes and where officers were injured, and some died in Dallas.” The group doesn’t appear to be aligned with the Antifa movement, and although they focus on renouncing “white supremacy”, the group’s ultimate objective appears to be that of law enforcement.

The ASN-Austin has a Facebook page as well and the page is full of hatred toward law enforcement along with mockery and anti-law enforcement photos.

Another tweet by ASN-Austin stated, “The experience of working as a law enforcer can be a lot similar to working for the mob.” And on Jan. 12, the group tweeted, “Cops: do nothing when fascists physically assault protestors (e.g. May Day 2017)… Antifascists: wear helmets and prepare to defend themselves --Cops: wait no.” Johnson said that what the ASN-Austin group is doing is childish… and that they have no balls to actually protest for their cause, so they do this stupid non-sense in its place.