Outrage has spread over the city’s Christmas tree in Rome. The tree which has been labeled “Spelacchio” means mangy or baldy. The tree has earned nicknames ranging from “baldy” to “toilet brush.” Some have even Dubbed it the “World’s Saddest Christmas Tree.

Christmas tree under severe criticism

“It’s a disgrace. It hurts even to look at this Christmas tree,” a Roman denizen said. He even went on to suggest that the tree looked like a plucked chicken.

After being erected at Piazza Venezia, the tree died just two weeks after losing its needles. This incident has been taken as a symbol of the continuous decline of Rome, once considered an eternal city.

“How can they have put it in Rome, a capital city like Rome,” another woman said.

Il Messaggero has reported that it was found the tree was not appropriately covered while being moved from northern Italy's Dolomites, from initial inquiries. The Dolomites is where the tree is reported to have originally come from.

The tree is 70 foot high and after being moved from Italian Alpine region to Rome, it had been continuously losing its needles after being lit on December 8.

Mayor criticized heavily over Christmas tree

Mayor Virginia Raggi has come under severe criticism from Romans in social media over the recent embarrassment. She has been put to blame for the city’s continuous failings for a long period of time.

Rome has seen lots of problems in recent years leading to the degradation of the eternal city.

The streets are now full of potholes, piles of garbage can be seen thrown everywhere and public gardens are full of weeds that grow as tall as humans.

Any hopes of cheer from the Christmas tree ended soon.

Codacons, a consumers’ group, said the clearly dead tree represented a shameful spectacle for tourists and citizens alike.

The group has called for an investigation into this incident. It raised questions about spending more than 40,000 pounds in transporting the clearly sick tree from a forest located more than 400 miles away from the city.

Things are better in Milan

Italy’s financial capital Milan has surpassed its official capital Rome in terms of wealth and prestige in recent years. The display of a glorious Christmas tree at the heart of Milan further helped in making this point. Romans are now left with no choice but to look upon the Milanese Christmas tree with envy.

The “Spelacchio” saga has taken center stage on social media now with its own handle and hashtag on Twitter.

According to the Associated Press, the city is reportedly investigating why the tree is doing so poorly.