57-year-old Dan Johnson's body was found in his car near Mount Washington with a single gunshot wound this December 13, after refuting claims that he had become sexually involved with a teenager. Elected to the State legislature in 2016, Mr. Johnson was a respected pastor who pushed for bills on religious liberty and education. His Apparent Suicide came almost halfway through his 2-year tenure in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Allegations of sexual assault on a teenager

Earlier this week, it was reported that he had sexually assaulted a teenager in his basement in late 2013.

Further accounts of the report state that the teenager was a friend of his daughter who had been sleeping over that night after a New Years party. This report came from the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, a highly reliable source that Johnson was having difficulties refuting.

On Tuesday at church, he preached his innocence and described allegations as "totally false" while theorizing that there was a conspiracy going around against Republicans in the latest elections.

The KyCIR further reported the specifics of the assault which begun with Johnson informing the victim that she would enjoy it before he put his began violently kissing her while sliding his hands up her shirt into her bra and then down her skirt.

She attempted to get him off of her without waking the perpetrator's daughter and eventually was successful as he stumbled away.

The week following this incident, the victim did not show up to church and she was Facebook messaged by Johnson where he described himself as "being drugged" last weekend and that he was "sorry if he was mean."

Calls for his resignation

Michael Skoler, owner of this organization expressed his deep sadness over the incident and Johnson's subsequent passing.

Following news of the report, state politicians from both parties stepped forward in asking for his resignation.

The following day at church, he preached his innocence and described the allegations as "totally false" while theorizing that there were sexual assault conspiracies going around against Republicans in the latest elections.

His since deleted Facebook post that is believed to have served as a suicide note, can be seen below, with Johnson further adding that "It has won this life, BUT HEAVEN IS MY HOME".

Numerous key political figures in Kentucky such as Governor Matt Bevin, Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover, and Senator Rand Paul have expressed their sorrows and tributes for him and his family over the past day on twitter.