On Monday, a parent, along with the ACLU in northwest Louisiana, filed a Lawsuit against Webster Parish School District facilities alleging that the school was promoting and endorsing Christian beliefs against her daughter’s wishes. The parent, Christy Cole, who states that she’s a Christian, and her daughter, KC was raised among Methodists and Baptists, is apparently upset because her daughter today considers herself “agnostic," doesn’t want the school to bring up anything remotely related to Christianity, and claims that these incidents have happened over two dozen times since 2006.

The Webster Parish School Board’s district superintendent, Johnny Rowland, the school, and Lakeside Junior/Senior High principle, Denny Finley are cited in the lawsuit as co-defendants in promoting Christian elements and values.

Reasoning for the ACLU lawsuit

In the lawsuit filed by the ACLU, it states that “Ms. Cole was raised as a Baptist and deeply values her Christian religious beliefs. She objects to and is offended by Defendants’ conduct because it promotes Christian beliefs to which she and her daughter do not subscribe, co-opts her faith for official government purposes, promotes religious favoritism, and usurps her parental role.”

In one section of the complaint, the ACLU belittled an event that was to memorialize United States veterans as well as their military service ahead of Veterans Day where a local Christian minister was invited by the school to speak to the students.

The Christian minister also introduced veterans in attendance to the students and stated that God had a role in their lives.

Finley told Fox News that he had not seen the lawsuit and he referred the issue to the school’s district superintendent, Rowland, who did not comment when he was contacted by Fox News.

What does the Bible really say?

Ms. Cole’s interpretation of the scripture in Matthew 6:5-6 that the act of praying in public is a sin, is misguided. That scripture as explained on the Answering Genesis website states that there are no contradictions with any other scriptures in the Christian Bible and that prayer is an important aspect in Christian lives and that one can pray anywhere and everywhere as long as those prayers are for appropriate reasons and not for unlawful acts.

As far as the ACLU's historical background is concerned, its founder, Roger Baldwin, who incidentally hated Christianity, once went overseas to the USSR [Russia] in 1927 and even wrote a book titled “Liberty under the Soviets” the following year because he supported Lenin and Stalin’s tyranny of dissent because those murderous Russian leaders were weapons in the transition to socialism -- as history shows.

For the first time ever, America was included among the top nations targeted for its faith, and a Christian church in Alabama could soon get its own police force for security.