Russian hackers allegedly stole the important details of the US strategy to penetrate into foreign Computer Networks, Fox News reported. Two years ago, the hackers targeted a home computer of national security Agency (NSA) contractor, running Kaspersky software. The computer had the top-secret information, including protection against cyber attacks, which could be useful to make Russian networks more secure.

Details of the violation

Hackers used an antivirus software created by Kaspersky Lab, and this is “one of the most significant” security violation for the last time.

This is the first case when Kaspersky was used for hacking the US data. The violation possibly happened during the presidency of Barak Obama but was found in spring 2016.

The NSA spokesman refused to comment on the issue according to NSA’s policy. Kaspersky Lab made a statement announcing that there was no evidence of its involvement. It claimed that being a private organization, "Kaspersky Lab does not have inappropriate ties to any government, including Russia." A former NSA worker said that Kaspersky was famous for its "questionable relationships.”

Investigation over the Russian meddling

The case came out in the middle of the investigation over Russian meddling and propaganda, known as the influence on the presidential election and other problematic issues.

In September, Kaspersky Lab products were banned in the US government departments and agencies by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The Department explained the limitation that Russian hackers could use their software to hack US computers' data and help the Russian authorities in conducting their espionage, the Daily Mail reported.

A cyber expert James Lewis said that intelligence agencies have considered the software's products to be a source of risk for a long time.

According to the DHS, the risk included the possibility that Kaspersky could aim to "compromise federal information and information systems directly implicates U.S. national security.”

The DHS found out that two Russian spy agencies hacked the Democratic National Committee several months before the US national election released emails from the party staffers.

In the end of September, Facebook announced that at least 500 fake accounts had spent $100,000 on 3,000 ads aimed at highly politicized social issues and worsening the racial tensions to influence the mindset of the US citizens, CNET News reported.