Police officers found a handwritten note in the Hotel Room of the Las Vegas shooter, which contained calculations to increase the shooting accuracy, distance, targets, and elevation, the Telegraph reported. The incident took place last weekend. Stephen Paddock, the mass murderer of 58 concertgoers, wounded almost 500 others from his 32nd floor window of the hotel.

What did the officials find out?

Officials claimed that the note was left near various rifles and other weapons used by Paddock for the attack. The note did not reveal Paddock's motive, who shot himself dead before the policemen opened the door of his room.

Visiting Las Vegas, Vice President Mike Pence praised the people risked their lives to provide relief and save others. He attended a ceremony in honor of the 58 dead fans, ABC7 reported.

Authorities are investigating the evidence to find out Paddock's motive. Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill announced that Paddock had not been connected with the terrorist group ISIS, but authorities are searching for anyone who could have been aware of Paddock's planned crime beforehand.

Police also found out explosives in Paddock's car near the hotel, but it is not clear why he had left them in the vehicle. McMahill stated that Paddock brought the guns and ammunition to his hotel room several days before the festival, CNN reported.

According to McMahill, Marilou Danley, the murderer's girlfriend, is cooperating with officials, but she would not make any new public statements, as he lawyer claimed.

Relatives of victim file a petition

The family of 56-year-old John Phippen, one of 58 victims shot dead by Paddock that night, claimed to District Court in Clark County that a special administrator to should be appointed to take control over Paddock's assets.

John Phippen and his son Travis, who works as a medic, attended the music concert on October 1. When Paddock began shooting from his hotel room, father and son tried to help other people. During the attack, John Phippen was shot dead.

Paddock was fond of gambling

Paddock, who was a retired accountant, was fond of gambling. He also made investments to real estate business.

Paddock owned apartments and houses, as well as his own home which he bought for $369,022 in cash in 2014. Attorney Richard A. Patterson, who represents Phippen's son Travis, stated that "I don't think we're at the bottom of (Paddock's assets)."