In a strange twist of events, a Hospital in Georgia has postponed a 2-year-old boy's Kidney transplant after the donor, who is his father, was arrested for violating parole, Fox News reported.

The transplant on Anthony Dickerson Jr was slated for October 3rd. But, according to his parents, the procedure was postponed for another three months.

In a letter, Emory Hospital said the postponement was to ensure that Dickerson Sr complied with his parole terms after the three months were up.

How events unfolded

At birth, Dickerson Jr was born premature and without functioning kidneys.

He also has a bladder condition that requires surgery.

The hospital had written a letter to authorities, requesting that his father, who was in custody at the time, be escorted to the hospital for some routine tests, on September 29. The tests were also meant to determine, among other things, if Dickerson Sr, was the perfect donor.

The tests results showed Dickerson Sr, was a hundred percent match, and the procedure was scheduled for October 3rd. After the father's release, the family received a second letter, informing them the operation had been postponed until January.

Letter of postponement

Dickerson Jr's distraught mother, Camellia Burgess, said the letter the hospital sent stated that they had reassessed the scheduled transplant due to the father's arrest and violation of his parole.

The letter further stated the operation on Dickerson Jr would be performed in three months, and the hospital would require documentary proof then, from Dickerson Sr's parole officer, that he had complied with the set conditions of his parole during the three month period.

Although Dickerson Sr, 26, has had numerous run-ins with the law, from 2011 when he was charged with first-degree forgery to last month's charge of gun possession, he told Fox News that he never thought his criminal actions would have an effect on saving his son's life.

Burgess, on the other hand, said her ailing son was being punished for his father's mistakes and feared he would not make it until January. She added the transplant was urgent as Dickerson Jr had suffered a stroke last month, further complicating his condition.

Hospital's stand

When asked to comment on the case, Emory Hospital spokesperson Janet Christenbury, declined, saying the hospital's policy on privacy and confidentiality in regard to patients would be violated.

She did point out though, that transplants were designed to 'maximize' the success rate of the recipient while 'minimizing' the risks for the donor, according to hospital guidelines.