Five days after the revelations about her close friend, and personal political ally, Harvey Weinstein exploded all over the media, Hillary Clinton finally was stirred to react. To be brief, she pronounced herself to be “shocked and appalled.” She had nothing to say about all of the money that Weinstein raised for her and her party and favorite causes. Other Democrats are scrambling to offload that tainted money. She may not be able to afford to. In any case, Weinstein is the third sexual predator who found himself in Ms. Clinton’s orbit, the other two being Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner.

Weinstein flees the country

While Hillary Clinton, along with Barack and Michelle Obama, was scrambling to abandon him, Weinstein fled the country, headed for Europe, so he says, to check himself into a sexual addiction clinic. To be sure, the action is a transparent attempt to medicalize lousy behavior. A judgment of mental incompetence would go a long way when the lawsuits and possible criminal prosecutions start. One also has to ask the question, will the clinic be in a country that lacks an extradition treaty with the United States? Roman Polanski has managed to escape justice in that way for 40 years.

Weinstein’s woes mount

Besides being abandoned by political allies such as Hillary Clinton and the Obamas, Weinstein’s wife has decided that enough was enough and has announced that she is leaving him.

The divorce case is, likely, to be epic in its scope and sordid details.

Then, the New Yorker is reporting that Weinstein is not being accused of creepy behavior, but of felony rape by at least three women. The problem for the former producer is that some of them may have taken place in New York, which lacks a statute of limitations for such acts.

Weinstein’s company is already moving to expunge the former producer’s very existence, changing its name and removing his producer credits from the TV shows and movies he created over the years. Harvey Weinstein will shortly become a Soviet-style unperson in the Hollywood where he ruled like a tyrant.

Calls for a federal investigation

Just to leave the gentle reader with an excellent chaser, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is calling for a federal investigation of Hollywood’s “culture of systematic sexual abuse.” The theory is that Weinstein is not an anomaly but the norm in the entertainment industry. Isn’t it too bad that Hollywood aligned itself with only one political party?