Just after midnight early on Sunday morning, a chapter in the life of Orenthal James aka O.J. Simpson that lasted nine years came to a quiet end. Following the signing of his release documents without little fanfare, the former NFL star and comedy actor walked out of a Nevada penitentiary where he had spent close to a decade following his conviction for a 2007 robbery incident in Las Vegas. Although he has stated that he has no idea where he might be going next, Simpson added that for the time being, he will continue to reside in the Las Vegas area where he committed the act that landed him his prison sentence.

‘He is out’

According to Brooke Keast, spokeswoman for the Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada, O.J. Simpson was officially released from prison 12:08 AM Pacific Time on October 1, departing in a car with an unidentified driver. This was just over two months after “The Juice” passed his parole hearing last July, upon completing nine of his 33-year full sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery. The Nevada Department of Corrections uploaded a short video on their official Facebook page showing the 70-year-old former football player walking outside a glass door into the correction center’s exterior.

The general public mood for Simpson’s incarceration in Nevada since 2008 was that it was “delayed” prison time after he got by with a “Not Guilty” verdict in the sensational trial 1994 for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

Where exactly the newly-freed man was headed following his release has not been revealed as Keast tells in a press statement.

However, a personal friend, Tom Scotto from Naples, Florida confirmed by text message that he was in Simpson’s company following his release. Scotto was present during the parole hearing with O.J.’s sister Shirley Baker of Sacramento and his daughter Arnelle Simpson, who resides in Fresno.

Accosted by media

O.J. Simpson was sentenced in 2008 to thirty-three years for leading a group of men in storming a Palace Station hotel-casino in 2007 to steal some sports memorabilia at gunpoint. Following his release, Nevada parole and probation official Capt. Shawn Arruti revealed that Simpson was staying in the Las Vegas area for the time being, though for reasons of security and privacy his exact address has not been disclosed.

What is known, however, is that shortly after leaving the prison Simpson and his driver were chanced upon by a reporter at a local gas station. The ex-NFL player begged off on answering any questions. While continuing to reside within Las Vegas, Simpson remains obliged to report to his parole officer regularly for further instructions.