According to Politico, White House attorneys were scrambling to try and get details on the charges that were secured by Robert Mueller's team. Likely, charges for members of Donald trump's campaign team and/or his administration are coming. According to their "Trump lawyers scramble to prepare for new stage of Russian probe" article, the lawyers were trying to figure out if the indictments would be for Trump's former campaign manager and chairman, Paul Manafort, and/or the President's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

Keeping charges secret and everyone in the dark

The article said that while attorneys who were in touch with both Manafort and Flynn have said they had not been notified, Politico said that not being notified is customary in a white-collar investigation. This would suggest to lawyers that their clients are not the target of these charges. During a CNN report with Anderson Cooper on Friday night (Oct. 27), correspondent Evan Perez said that they could not get any response from attorneys for more details.

The special counsel has also not commented (as they hardly do) and the charges were sealed by a federal judge. Another CNN correspondent, Pamela Brown, said that while they had some idea as to who the people were that would be charged, it was only speculation.

She said that she believed that in the process of assembling the arrest warrant(s), the grand jury would be reaching out to the attorneys of those being charged to tell their clients to turn themselves in.

Predictions of the coming days, months, and years

The correspondent also suggested that the reason Mueller's office had not made an official statement on Friday was to make sure they didn't alert those they were trying to arrest.

Evan Perez said that they believe the charges would be filed against more than one person. Others have speculated that even Jared Kushner could be arrested, but Manafort seems more likely. Especially because he has been the target of an 11-year investigation.

It was suggested on Friday that charges could be filed as soon as Monday (Oct.

3), and according to NBC News, two sources confirmed it. It was also reported that Mueller's team would likely make an indictment public on Monday. Perez suggested in the CNN segment that a public announcement would take place after those indicted were taken into custody. Brown suggested that the Trump administration would push back if they believed that the charges had nothing to do with the Russia investigation.

For all intents and purposes, it would appear that if the indictment is against Manafort, that the administration would see charges against his potential money-laundering crimes as unrelated. Reasons for Flynn to be one of those charged would be over his lobbying efforts, as he was not forthcoming about taking foreign payment when he became a member of the National Security Council. Since the view has been that this is the first of many charges to come, it's also the view that Mueller's investigation will continue into the next year or even longer.