An operation by authorities drawn from different agencies on Saturday conducted a raid at a home in Mastic Beach Long Island, New York, which yielded 750 grams of fentanyl according to reports by CBS News.

Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini said the deadly dose of fentanyl originated from China and was enough to administer one million lethal doses, enough to kill a few hundred thousand people.

During the operation, three men found in the home were also arrested and police identified them as; Thomas Moore 41, Daequene Ricken backer and Corey Robinson, who was charged with being in criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Authorities also confiscated a 2007 Mercedes Benz, two cellphones, $7,400 in cash and many 9mm rounds in addition to the fentanyl.

Combined efforts

Police Chief Sini, who is also in the running for Suffolk County District Attorney's Office, attributed the success of the raid to the combined efforts of different agencies which included; The Suffolk Police Department, US Postal Service, Homeland Security and Customs and Border Patrol authorities.

Sini said that when officers arrived at the home, one of the suspects, Moore, ignored commands from the officers and unleashed a Pitbull in the yard, which charged at the officers.

This prompted the police to shoot the dog, immobilizing it. The canine was later treated at a local animal hospital for its wounds and will recover soon.

Moore will be charged with obstruction of government administration.

Loitering charges were preferred against the third suspect, Rickenbacker, although more charges could be added as the investigation progresses.

DEA efforts in opioid war

Meanwhile, the US Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA), announced on Friday that agents would be sent to five States across the country.

The move is aimed at boosting local law enforcement efforts in the fight against the flow of synthetic opioids and heroin.

The five States have been identified as some of the hardest-hit in the wide-spread opioid addiction, while some of the other States act as entry and transit points for the drugs which are causing an addiction crisis, leading to death in the country.

The DEA teams will be sent to New Bedford, Massachusetts, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, West Virginia, North Carolina and Long Island New York.

The DEA will work alongside 12 prosecutors who were dispatched in August by US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to prosecute all opioid-related cases and pharmaceutical fraud in the selected States.