This is the third time when three consecutive Grammy winner, Eminem, unleashed a Freestyle Rap on Trump. In his latest rap video for BET Awards, he criticized the President and called him a “94-years old racist grandpa.”

Detroit based rapper has already busted Trump two times before. He first released a nine-minutes “Campaign Speech” freestyle rap on his social media networks during the presidential elections in 2016.

He slammed Trump in another freestyle rap in Big Sean’s album, song called “No Favors.”

This time, he also issued an ultimatum to his fans. He rapped, "And any fan of mine who's a supporter of his, and if you can't decide who you like more and you're split on who you should stand beside, I'll do it for it for you with this. F*** you,"

Here are top five explosive rap lines Eminem rapped in his anti-Trump freestyle.

1. 'A kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear massacre'

Eminem has previously labeled Donald Trump, a mindless president. This time he added that he might cause a nuclear war and is a threat to the whole world. He rapped this considering the word-war between Kim-Jong-Un and Donald Trump.

2. 'Racism is the only thing he is fantastic for cause that is how he gets his rock off, he is orange'

He again reiterated that Trump is a racist and making the US look a racist country. Eminem has called him a racist in all of his previous anti-Trump freestyle raps. Trump was heavily criticized when he accused the both sides of the Charlottesville violence.

A white-supremacist, David Duke, thanked him after he accused both sides of the Charlottesville violence that killed three and injured 34 people.

3.'All these horrible tragedies and he has bored and would rather cause a Twitter storm'

Eminem here slams him for attacking NFL players who take a knee. The rapper also criticized him of tweeting violence on Twitter.

Trump usually tweets exposing the feuds and words-war between him and other celebrities or even with his own party members.

4. ‘This 94-years old racist grandpa’

Trump has been criticized numerous times for his racist speeches and laws. He recently implemented a law restricting the citizens of seven different Muslim countries to enter in the United States.

This line rapped before he rapped about the America's racist past. He claimed the US is going backward rather than going forward. Racism is again a primary concern in the US.

5. 'The rest of America stand up. We love our military and we love our country but we f****** hate Trump'

Eminem claimed every American loves their country and military. Trump recently said that who take a kneel are humiliating our national anthem, country, and defense services.

Eminem denounced these words claiming no one hating their country, national anthem, and defense. It’s just a way people showing their anger against Trump.

Twitter reaction on Eminem’s freestyle

Here’s how people reacted on Twitter after Eminem tweeted the freestyle video.