The US-North Korea tensions that have seen furious words, insults, and threats exchanged between the two Nation's leaders has gone a notch higher after the Pentagon, ordered US bombers to fly near North Korea to show the country's regime that the US was ready to tackle any threats.

BBC reported that the US bombers flew close to North Korea's east coast to stage a Show Of Force and signal America's military capabilities amidst threats from the North Korean Leader Kim-Jung-un, about launching a hydrogen bomb into US territory.

The US bombers were escorted by fighter jets, and their flight path took them to the demilitarized zone, which separates North and South Korea.

It is the farthest point that any US jet or bomber has flown this century according to BBC reports.

War of words

Over the past few months, the exchanges between Trump and Kim have taken a more personal tone, and matters seemed to blow over, when Trump coined the nickname "rocket man," in reference to the North Korean leader.

The last straw proved to be Trump's address to the U.N when the US President said that America would "totally destroy" the Asian country if it continued with its threats towards the US and its allies, and on Friday, when Trump called Kim "a madman.'"

In a swift rejoinder, the North Korean leader said Trump was "a mentally deranged US dotard," and threatened to detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific, which would directly target territories under the US, and its Asian allies.


The B-1B Lancers US bombers that made the flight originated from Guam, while the F-15c fighter jets, took off from Okinawa, Japan.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White observed that North Korea's nuclear threat posed a grave danger to the region and the US, and the bomber flight was supposed to send a clear message to North Korea of America's resolve to ward off any threat.

White also added that the Asian country needed a demonstration to see that the US president had military options at his disposal if push came to shove.


To justify North Korea's nuclear program, the Pyongyang government has always insisted that it needed to protect itself from the US, with a powerful nuclear deterrent.

There was relief early on Saturday when experts said that a small earthquake that was felt around North Korea's launching site, and surrounding areas, was not man-made. Putting to rest fears that the country had tested another nuclear bomb, just weeks after a similar feat.