The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved new sanctions against North Korea on Tuesday. The U.S-drafted proposal aimed to restrain the regime even more, although it had to be softened before the vote. In a previous draft, according to CNN, the U.S. proposed a full ban on oil exports to the country and an asset freeze on the regime and on its leader Kim Jong-un. Besides the U.S., the United Nations Security Council has as permanent members Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom. All of them hold the power of veto.

Pain and suffering

Ahead of the vote, North Korea threatened the United States with “Pain And Suffering” if the country manages to approve tougher sanctions against the rogue state. According to CNN, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said that if the new sanctions are approved, his country is willing to “use any form of ultimate means” to cause “the U.S. the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history.”

The statement was published in state media as a response to the draft resolution put forward by the U.S. This was because North Korea would have had to suspend all of its oil imports. Among other restrictions, the regime would be submitted to a freezing of assets and a call for a travel ban for Kim Jong-un, the country’s leader.

Milder sanctions

On Monday, a softer version of the draft was circulating, according to CNN. The new document didn’t mention the full oil embargo and omitted the travel ban for Kim Jong-un, as well as the freezing of assets. CNN cited a Reuters report in which the news agency says that the previous draft was replaced with a softer version to please China and Russia.

Both countries recently stated that they don’t believe sanctions will deter North Korea from developing its nuclear program. Russian President Vladimir Putin put it very strong terms. He said at a press conference during the BRICS summit held in China, that North Koreans would rather eat grass than changing the policies that they are currently pursuing.

Freeze for freeze

Vladimir Putin believes that the current rhetoric that is coming out of Washington is only going to entrench the Kim regime, even more, and contribute to them pursuing nuclear weapons. The Russian leader wants to avoid what he calls “military hysteria” from both sides, according to RT News. He defends a path toward dialogue between all parties involved, including North Koreans.

Putin and Xi-Jin Ping, China’s President, presented a joint proposal called “freeze for freeze.” It demands the U.S. stop its military maneuvers and to decrease the deployment of military assets in the region. In return, North Korea would halt its missile and nuclear programs.

The U.S. does not agree with such a proposal.

The United States Ambassador to the United Nations (Nikki Haley) said at the last Security Council meeting, that North Korea is “begging for war” due to its latest nuclear and missile tests. She also ruled out the “freeze for freeze,” alleging that the U.S. can’t lower its guard while the regime poses a threat to America and its allies.