The Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, has sent out a dire warning to all residents -- if you live in flood-prone areas, your life is in danger and if you live in wood-framed homes get out your life is in danger.

Rossello warns all residents that Hurricane Maria could ravage their homes with a "force and violence" that Puerto Rico has not witnessed in many generations.

Governor tells residents to take immediate action

Just as Puerto Rico was trying to recover from Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria slammed down on them with heavy rains and winds.

The Governor pleaded with everyone to take immediate action and to put into effect emergency plans before it is too late.

The residents of this island have all the evidence they need to heed the governor's warning and to fear the devastation Maria could cause based on all the terrifying images from the Virgin Islands.

Preparations are in place

In preparation for the hurricane, the island's government leaders have ordered 500 shelters to be opened across the island. Medical workers, search and rescue squads, and volunteers that number in the hundreds are all prepared and ready to assist those in need.

Ships carrying generators and supplies are ready and waiting to be called in if needed. Over one hundred oasis vehicles are scattered around the island, as well as barges equipped with millions of gallons of fresh drinking water.

Expect power to go out again

Just as utility workers restored power to most of the island after Irma finished pounding them, the governor warns all residents not to expect to have power once Maria gets through with them. Rossello tells people to prepare and expect to be without electricity for an unknown and extended period of time.

People should have gasoline on hand to keep their generators running if they will be using them. Officials have also announced that there is a fourteen-day supply of gasoline on the island.

New York's Mayor sending people to help

The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, is sending help from the New York Fire Department and the New York Police Department - 27 in all - to the Caribbean region and Puerto Rico in order to help their officials and residence with relief efforts.

This just in

It has just been reported that Hurricane Maria had made landfall Wednesday morning on the island of Puerto Rico. The southeastern part of the island is reporting a strong Category 4 storm -- the National Hurricane Center said -- bringing winds of up to 155 mph.