It was reported on Wednesday that President Trump deleted all of his tweets that were related to endorsing the Republican candidate for Alabama, Sen. Luther Strange. This was right after the president had tweeted about all of the chances he claimed that Strange had to win the primary race for former Senator Jeff Sessions open seat. Instead, Roy Moore - who is more of the type of candidate that fits with Trump - won the election. This resulted in a tweet that was just as congratulatory as if he had been supporting Moore the entire time.

Despite the deletions, the president also appeared to act like a "good sport" by giving Strange some credit for running a good race.

President Trump's misdirection to support establishment candidate

Prior to this, Donald Trump became part of a situation that confused many when both Moore and Strange were coddling for the president's support. They fought over which one of them was the true Trump candidate. Many felt that it would make more sense for the president to put his support behind Roy Moore, especially since Moore got the support of Breitbart CEO and Trump's former chief strategist at the White House, Steve Bannon.

CNN reported that as soon as it was announced that Moore had won the primary Tuesday evening, that the President was furious about the loss and slammed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for pushing him to support Strange.

According to the article: "Trump infuriated after backing Alabama loser," the President also vented on his political team who he felt had misled him. The article also pointed out that McConnell had consolidated GOP support from the establishment behind Strange.

Reasons for why Trump supported Strange

The article also reported that Trump was already having second thoughts about Strange saying that he felt he was "too low energy." Because of this, the President was also concerned that his support for an establishment candidate would make him look weak.

This would make the populist effort generated by Steve Bannon another win for the far right. It also gave the appearance that the president was wrong in his decision because to many, it only made sense for Trump to give his support for Moore, who is just as controversial as Trump.

It has been pointed out that the reason for Trump's decision, however, wasn't entirely because it was made at McConnell's request.

Luther Strange was also quite loyal to Trump, who seems to prioritize loyalty over everything else. The loss, no doubt, also made an impact with him as it happened on the same day that Republicans failed again to pass a bill that would repeal Obamacare, which Trump has promised to do but the GOP has failed to do, repeatedly.