The Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) is reportedly cracking down on instances of corruption and misconduct in college sports. An investigation which began in 2015 revealed that coaches and officials have been involved in financial exchanges for their influence in an attempt to pump money to families of NCAA players. In such a situation, the coaches and families have ultimate control over what happens in a player's future and as such, the chances of lucrative success are magnified.


The investigation which is ongoing was assisted by the co-operation of a fallen adviser who agreed to work with the feds to fight the perpetrators.

He agreed to wear a wire which gained evidence for the FBI. Investigations came into fruition when 10 persons were charged as a result of three complaints. It is reported that a top Adidas executive was charged along with four NCAA Assistant Coaches. Sources reveal that the coaches found guilty are Chuck Person (Auburn University), Lamont Evans (Oklahoma City University), Tony Bland (University of South Carolina) and Emanuel Richardson (Arizona State University). The coaches have been tied to taking alleged bribes of more than $100,000 to influence schools, agents, sponsors and even a tailor in an attempt to shape the future of certain students. Some of these coaches have great reputations of success and as such, their word means a lot in the basketball world.


As a result of the findings, the coaches have all been suspended by their respective schools. In addition to their individual careers as coaches, the reputations of the respective schools have taken a blow. The scandal has brought shame to the parties involved whilst raising awareness to those who have not yet been brought to justice.

As such, the FBI would have to be a lot more discreet and strategic as they move to continue their quest to bring culprits to justice. The general feeling based on the release of statements by each of the schools suggests that they had no idea of the scandal. A statement from Auburn University said "We are saddened, angry and disappointed." Arizona State University stated that they were appalled by the acts of injustice and University of South Carolina stated that they were, "shocked and won't tolerate misconduct in any way."

The University of Oklahoma reported that they were, "surprised and would cooperate fully with officials.”

The messy scandal revealed that the Director of Global Sports and Marketing for Basketball for popular sports brand Adidas, James Gatto was also involved.

Rashan Michel, a custom tailor for many of NBA's top stars was also implicated.

It may seem like the FBI has found the hidden playbook of the perpetrators which have set them apart in many ways from the others. The discoveries by the FBI have opened a lot of eyes and makes anyone interested wonder how long and to what extent this disgrace has been going on. The president of the NCAA (Mark Emertt) weighed in on the matter condemning the misconduct.