After the devastating 2016 Presidential Election that beat the Democratic Party, Democrats are said to be looking forward to 2018 as another chance to turn things around. In fact, it would seem that with the Republican Party failing to pass major legislation during the first half of 2017 that Democrats are practically ahead of republicans by eight months now. It's been reported that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is currently looking to target some House Republicans who are already being scrutinized for ethics issues who they can try and topple.

Republicans with ethics issues

Democrats are looking at flipping the chamber to their majority by gaining 24 seats. Republicans have said that Democrats are simply wasting their time by focusing on ethics issues without acknowledging their own. An article by Politico titled: "Democrats exploit GOP ethics woes in the battle for the House", says that much of the minority party's focus is on districts that are considered long-shots to win over because of how long those representatives have held their seats. One of these is Rep. Duncan Hunter of California. Hunter was reported to take down a painting from the capitol that he found offensive earlier this year.

But the battle against Rep. Hunter is with allegations that he's misused campaign funds for his own personal use, such as flying his pet rabbit across the country.

Another California Republican is said to be Rep. Dana Rohrabacher who like President Trump, has shown some questionable sympathy to Russian officials for who the President is under investigation for colluding with. Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey is also being targeted by a watchdog group saying that the Rep. singled out a bank executive for their activism against him.

Democrats are hedging their bets

New York Rep. Chris Collins is another Republican who is currently under investigation over stock-market investments, which Democrats want to center on. But the article also reports that two House Republicans who made headlines this year are also on the list, such as Devin Nunes, also from California, who has been involved in helping the Trump White House obstruct an investigation against the President being conducted by the House Intelligence Committee.

Another is the newly elected Greg Gianforte of Montana who body-slammed a reporter from the Guardian.

Aside from Republicans claiming hypocrisy, the strategy by the Democrats is questionable as the party is viewed as being without an identity. Many pundits have stated that the Democratic Party has not made what they stand for clear to the American people. Given the intensity and hostility of the politics played by Trump's version of the Republican Party, it's uncertain what chances Democrats have to be able to flip the House or even the Senate.