Originally slated for release not long before the Pulse nightclub tragedy occurred in Orlando, out of respect for the victims and all those that suffered, Aris halted promotions for “Pulse.” And, while it may not have been the original intent, the Album itself (while standing on its own) acts as a beacon of hope and a reminder that there is life and love to be had even in the aftermath of such devastation.

Speaking of the album, Aris had this to say: "So much emotion and soul went into its production and I really wanted it to be something special for those that helped Kickstart it and those that discover it now!"

Paula Cole featured in album opener

As the album opener “Love (Thank You)” pulses with all the energy and atmosphere that one can hope for as an introduction to an album.

The E.D.M.-infused melodies meld with brimming bass lines and driving drums to power the track. Paula Cole lends backing vocals, which – along with the already existing elements firing on all cylinders – give the track that extra something to truly take it over the top. “Love (Thank You)” is a sonic treat that will leave listeners everywhere eager to express their gratitude.

“Reborn” is radio-ready right out of the gate, with infectious bass lines, shimmering lead guitar licks, and atmosphere in abundance. The powerful chorus is addictive, and will have listeners singing along. The replay button will be worn out by the time listeners get their fill of this track, and they will feel “reborn” each and every time they hit play.

Aris' vocals really shine, and the energy and conviction in his delivery make all the difference. Whether you're at the club or in the comfort of your own home, you will feel the rythym of this track all throughout your body, renewed, revived, and revved up for more.

“Take Me If You Want Me” is the first thing resembling a ballad on the album.

The soothing acoustics lull the listener into a kind of slumber before the energy picks up yet again. Even for a track that is a seemingly slower tempo, the music doesn't let up – and that is a beautiful thing. The production quality is utterly exquisite, with seamless transitions throughout.

Aris premieres new video for 'The Music'

With a new video released this week, "The Music" is as poignant as it is powerful. As with most tracks on the album, "The Music" is catchy, rhythmically infectious, and deliciously decadent all at once. Speaking with the Huffington Post about the single, Aris added, "The new single “The Music” is inspired by 90’s house. The song is an anthem of empowerment and freedom which draws some cues from some classic Madonna tracks."

The rest of the tracks on “Pulse” are a celebration of life, and the hearts that beat within us all. The vibration and the energy burst forth with every vocal line and melody, pulsating with purpose, and breathing life into every beat.