Afghanistan is passing through a terrible time and increasingly the helplessness of the Ghani government, in controlling the ISIS and Taliban is becoming more apparent by the day. Not a week passes without these two terror outfits killing tens of Afghans and government troops in suicide attacks and bombings. The US which has about 8000 troops in Afghanistan and NATO, with an additional 5000, are not in a combat role and this is one reason the Taliban and ISIS are attacking with impunity. This time the Taliban targeted a NATO convoy moving close to Kandahar.

A suicide bomber rammed a vehicle filled with explosives into the convoy on Wednesday setting of a fire fight. Police spokesman Zai Durrani in a message as reported by Al Jazeera said that the attack took place around noon and a convoy of foreign forces was the target.

Eye witness accounts claim they saw two foreign vehicles burning. NATO has admitted the attack but not specified the number of casualties. It is not known how many are dead or injured, but there is a chance that there could be some deaths. Al Jazeera reported this news.

Taliban and ISIS attack

Qari Yousaf Ahmadi, Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack. The attack was not unexpected as the Taliban had been clashing with government troops in the area for the last few days.

The attacks by the Taliban are making the people restive who are complaining why the government cannot defend them.

Just a little earlier to the Taliban attack, ISIS had attacked a Shia mosque in Herat and over 30 of the minority Muslim community have been killed. ISIS which is a sectarian Sunni outfit which at one time had the support of some Middle Eastern countries is hell bent on eliminating Shias and other minorities.

Challenge to Trump

These two attacks are a challenge to trump, who is embroiled in his own problems, regarding the “Russian connection”. He has just signed the sanctions bill, only because even if he had vetoed the bill the massive support for the bill in Congress would have nullified his veto.

It was reported that he had given a free hand to General Mattis to decide on the increase in troop levels in Afghanistan.

General Nicholson chief of Central Command has asked for augmentation of troop levels as US combat troops are needed to fight the Taliban and the ISIS.

Last word

So far no decision is taken as Trump is beset by myriad problems and along with the Russian connection; he is faced by China not playing ball on the Korean crisis.