Steve Bannon, the controversial White House advisor, has either been fired or, as he claims, gave his notice two weeks ago. Bannon has been rumored to have been on the outs with President trump for a while, even though he had proven to be instrumental in encouraging the president’s combative, if also undisciplined, style of dealing with the media.

Why is Bannon out?

According to news reports, Chief of Staff John Kelley has finished his investigation of the leaking that has gone on in the White House since Trump assumed office. Kelley has concluded that Bannon is one of the main leakers, a technique used to strike at his enemies on the White House staff.

Trump is keen to get a handle on White House communications and people like Bannon going rogue and offering tidbits to the media mitigates against that desire.

Another reason noted by some in the press is that Trump has become increasingly irritated at Bannon for stealing the media spotlight. Bannon has recently given a number of interviews to media outlets like the New York Times in which he defended his boss against attacks over his reaction to the events in Charlottesville. He also offered off putting opinions about other issues, including his conclusion that there is no military option in North Korea, an assessment that came as a surprise to Trump’s national security team. The president likes to be the star of his own show, whether it be “The Apprentice” or his own presidency.

Bannon upstaged him once too often.

What does he do now?

Rumor has it that Bannon would like to return to his role as head of, the conservative news and opinion site that he ran before he joined the Trump campaign. Having increased his name recognition with his brief run as a White House insider, he will certainly be able to use that position to advance causes he supports.

Other opportunities include a book deal and even a contributor slot at a cable news network.

One effect on the departure of Bannon is that there is one less person at the White House who will encourage Trump’s id, his tendency to say alarming things either at press conferences or on twitter. People like Kelley and Kellyanne Conway will have the opportunity to mold the president into someone a little more conventional than he has been hitherto.

The betting is that they will not entirely succeed. Trump has tended to run his mouth regardless of consequences since long before he chooses to enter politics. He believes that this tendency has served him well and thus he has no reason to stop.