Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) is said to be cut from the same cloth that Donald Trump is. As a member of the extreme right-wing Freedom Caucus, Brat is more in line with the President's agenda than moderate Republicans are. It's been the view that moderates were more responsible for the survival of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) often referred to as Obamacare, preventing it from being repealed and/or replaced. Many of those moderate Republicans -- under the pressure of their constituents -- were forced to accept the devastation that would result by taking healthcare away from millions of Americans, seriously.

Constituents sick of Brat's attacks on them

Dave Brat is similar to Trump in that he had the same response to the violence in Charlottesville with blaming both sides. Matching temperament or perhaps even the "Trump brand" of hostility, Brat has also lashed back at those who he considers his opposition, in this case, his own constituents. Many Republicans who have gone to town halls have started a similar trend to turn against their own constituents when they're opposed on matters of healthcare, Russia or just Trump overall. In fact, like other Republicans who have also fought with their constituents, Brat has turned them into enemies by accusing them of being extreme leftists. If that wasn't enough, he's also targeted the "Liberal" media for attacking him and frankly, some constituents are getting pretty sick of it.

Responses to Brat's Charlottesville statements

In an article by Salon titled: "Rep. Dave Brat, Freedom Caucus hero: America’s real problem is “hard left,” not white supremacists", two of his constituents who were at a town hall he held earlier this year, responded to his statements about Charlottesville where he drew a false equivalency between racist hate groups and the counter-protesters who were attacked.

His reaction to the violence was just like that of Trump, where he too blamed both sides. One of those constituents mentioned in the article from Richmond, Virginia, Kirsten O’Nell, said that there were actual Nazis out there who wanted violence.

Brat whines about opposition

In two of his interviews on the same day that resulted in the deaths of two police officers and one counter-protester, Brat blamed the "leftist media" for inciting the confrontation he had with constituents at the already mentioned town hall.

He said that he was yelled at by 700 people and made the comparison to say that civility had broken down in our society. Kirsten O’Nell said in the article that she's sick of hearing him talk about that town hall. She said that he complains about people being "mean" to him all the time. O'Nell and Alsuin Preis who is also from the Richmond and was at the same town hall, pointed out the obvious trend among "Trumpublicans", where Brat tries to avoid contact with people and when they do get a hold of him, he is always snide and condescending. As reported, there are six Democrats who are challenging his seat for 2018.