During Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte's speech at the 113th founding anniversary of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, he calls North Korea's Supreme Leader a "chubby-face" "son of a bi*ch" and "crazy" as a response to the missile tests that North Korea has been conducting lately.

Kim Jong Un's threats of Nuclear War

Duterte had previously criticized Kim Jong Un last April when he stated that the latter wants to "end the world." He also said that the Southeast Asia region would be in peril about tensions between the United States and North Korea and one mistake would be a "catastrophe" that would lead to Asia being the first victim of a nuclear war.

Duterte was also heard to have criticized him in a leaked transcript of a telephone conversation between Duterte and US President Donald Trump wherein the former called Kim "this generation's mad man."

In recent events, Duterte once again condemned Kim in a profanity-laced speech saying that, "...Kim Jong Un, itong tarantado (this idiot)...I don't think he is ready, but he's playing with dangerous toys, yang buang iyan (that a**hole)." Duterte also stated "That chubby face...That son of a bi*ch. If he makes a mistake, the Far East shall be left an arid land. This nuclear war must be stopped." Furthermore, he said that "A limited confrontation here will lead to a fallout that can deplete soil, resources.."

North Korea's participation in upcoming ASEAN Meeting

President Rodrigo Duterte's rants came days before North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Su-yong's scheduled attendance at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Ministerial Meeting in Manila this week.

This year, Duterte is chairman of the ASEAN. On Monday, the foreign minister will host the ASEAN Regional Forum, which includes 27 countries such as Australia, China, India, Japan, Russia, North and South Korea and the United States.

It has been apparent that North Korea is determined to develop a nuclear-tipped missile which is capable of hitting the United States.

In fact, officials in Washington said that Saturday's test of an intercontinental ballistic missile showed that said missile has the capacity to hit the country and severely damage it. Leaders of ASEAN expressed concerns over the nuclear and missile tests being conducted by North Korea and urged “self-restraint” from the communist nation as a direct confrontation with the nation could be disastrous.