Former radiology student, Lisa Theris, was thought to be dead after her disappearance on July 18. However, last Saturday an eyewitness spotted Theris while driving down a country road near Union Springs Alabama. Theris, who had been missing for 25 days total, was found naked and visibly sick. This was similar, albeit more extreme, as the Illinois woman found in the Montana wilderness back in May.


Theris recounted how she was able to survive in the wilderness for nearly a month. In a video interview with ABC News, she explained how her main goal was to find a road or path of some kind so that she might pass someone who could help her.

Theris had no food, shelter or a cell phone for this month-long period. The young woman revealed that she'd sustained herself through eating berries, mushrooms, and drinking puddles of water along with the use of a large walking stick. Resorting to these methods of survival obviously left Theris in poor health by the time she was found.

"If it rained I'd have to like squeeze the water out of my hair and drink it," Theris explained.

Few Answers

How the young woman became lost so deep in the woods, to begin with, is unclear, although officials claim she'd been with two men she'd only recently met - one of whom had burglarized a cabin. How Theris made it from the cabin to deep in the Alabama wilderness is unknown.

Although she does admit that around the time she went missing she had a court date for a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, which was dropped when Theris was presumed dead.

When asked if Theris could have been drugged she replied, "It would make sense, but I'm not sure."

Theris returned home with cuts and scars from thorns, brushes with poison ivy, and bug bites.

In a video interview with ABC News Theris also claimed her vision was damaged significantly and that she was now legally blind. While Theris' friends and family are happy to have her home, police think there are a lot of answers that are being withheld. The explanation behind how the young woman came to be lost in the Alabama wilderness is undoubtedly ambiguous.

Theris makes no claim to any mental illnesses or disorders in order to explain her lapse in memory, such as the Philadelphia father suffering from dementia found in Alabama in December 2016. Therefore, her father's claim that his daughter must have been drugged seems to be one of the only valid excuses for Theris' loss of memory.