One important message conveyed at the memorial service for Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old woman who met a violent death during the recent Protest Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, resonated with many people. It is channeling anger to useful action.

Such call to action was expressed by Heyer’s mother Susan Bro, who stated that she, as a parent, would want to have her child unscathed and alive, but since she had to give her up, she and her throng of supporters will make it count. Lots of people, from celebrities like J. K. Rowling to media persons, have re-tweeted Susan Bro’s statement.

Rowling described Heather's family as brave, and many of her followers agreed. Deborah Cook, a personal chef, expressed much respect and admiration for Heather's mother, who displayed a composure as well as determination to continue the cause her daughter had valiantly started.

A father’s plea

Writer Yashar Ali posted a video of Heather’s father stating that hate must stop and people need to forgive each other. He also mentioned how his daughter displayed strength and showed greater courage than he had. Commenters noted not only how principled Heather Heyer was, but also how compassionate and forgiving her parents, showing how dignified they were even in their moment of grief.

It was just unfortunate that the very thing Heather Heyer wanted to put down – hate – snuffed the life out of her.

Hate, in this instance, was bottled up inside the mind and heart of the alleged white supremacist who struck her down when he rammed his vehicle into pedestrians during the protest rally in Charlottesville.

Channeling anger

Heather’s death will not be for naught since she has served as a sterling example to others on how they can contribute to bringing about a ripple of positive change to the world.

Bro enjoined all the people who were present at the memorial service, as well as those who saw her tweets and shared them, to channel their anger into righteous action.

Too much of anything can be dangerous. Anger is not an exemption. What many people need to do is learn to manage or rein in anger and keep it from escalating into an explosive situation bordering on danger zone

Beyond mouthing platitudes

Heather's parents are very proud that their daughter stood up for what she believed in.

Heyer opposed racism and batted for equality and justice.

Countless people, including those in public service, may express the same things, but Heather Heyer did not merely mouth platitudes. She actually fought for such ideals.