Ever since 2009, Facebook has been shut out of the Chinese Market. But the social media giant is persistent, and its interest in the Asian country has led to the development and subsequent release of a photo-sharing coined “Colorful Balloons.”

Facebook drops iconic brand to enter Chinese market

For several years now, China has blocked Facebook, along with many of its applications, from entering the country. But apparently, nothing can stop Mark Zuckerberg and his team. Facebook’s interest in the Chinese market has led to the creation of the “Colorful Balloons.” According to EN Gadget, the photo-sharing app which did not bear the iconic Facebook branding was eventually rolled out secretly into the Chinese market.

New York Times reports that a reliable source confirmed that Facebook had approved the release of the photo-sharing app in China. The look and feel of “Colorful Balloons” is described to be similar to Facebook’s “Moments” app. The former was discreetly released under the banner of a local Chinese community. The app was stripped of any hint that it was created by or related to the social media giant.

Facebook did not directly confirm or deny its alleged involvement in “Colorful Balloon.” A representative said that the social media giant remains interested in the Chinese market and their teams are continuously investing time to understand and learn more about the country. According to Engadget, there is no certainty if the Chinese regulators, including the Cyberspace Administration of China, had knowledge about the app and its affiliation with Facebook.

While Facebook’s interest in the Chinese market is public knowledge, there is a big risk that the country’s government will react adversely when they realize that the company got past the implemented ban by going behind their back. Facebook’s bold move could help them study and understand the coveted market. But it can also backfire and blow any chance that the social media can regain its waning influence in the region.

The clamor for China’s online market

The anonymous release of “Colorful Balloons” by the largest social media company in China is exceptional. The stealth manner of releasing the app is a tangible confirmation that various tech companies around the globe are desperately trying to break into the world’s largest online market. The bold move also demonstrates the lengths that companies are willing to go and at the risk that they are ready to assume.