After the tragic event on June 15 of last year, Disney World has revealed a new sculpture to honor the two-year-old boy who lost his life. The blue and gold lighthouse stands at the Seven Seas Lagoon beach where Lane Graves was killed by an Alligator while he waded a mere foot into the water.

Remembering Lane

While attending an outdoor movie at the resort, Lane walked out into the shallow water where he could not see the dangers lurking beneath. When the attack began, both Lane's mother and father, who tried to pry open the alligator's mouth, jumped into the water to save the boy.

Although the animal was successfully scared away, Lane drowned in the murky water. Disney closed all its beaches and issued a warning the following day.

In a formal statement issued by the parent's of the toddler, the couple expressed their grief and asked for privacy in the grieving process. Since the event, the Grave's family along with many friends and supporters have set up a Facebook page "Prayers for Lane Graves and Family" with over 4000 followers sharing caring and compassionate messages for those affected by this terrible loss.

In a matter of seconds, a freak accident turned one family's vacation into a nightmare as they returned home to Nebraska without their child. While nothing can bring their baby boy back, the sculpture created in his memory will hopefully serve as a constant reminder of Lane's brightness and joy.

Alligator Safety

No one wants to imagine this situation happening to their child and the chances are very slim but alligator attacks are still something to be concerned about. The Savanah River Ecology Laboratory has issued a few guidelines to keep people safe in alligator areas like Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana.

Only swim in designated areas and avoid swimming near dusk or dawn as that is when the alligators are most likely to be lurking.

Do not disturb, feed or attempt to trap alligators as it is dangerous and illegal in many states. Keep your distance from the animal and report any sighting to park officials. Once an alligator becomes too familiar with humans, they lose their sense of fear which necessitates their removal from the area. In general, it is best to avoid places with known alligator habitats and to never swim alone.

The death of a child is always a tragedy. When the life is taken in such a violent way, it becomes a call to arms for not only the family but the community behind them. Disney World has made a beautiful monument to honor Lane Graves and his family today.