North Korea's missile launch caused havoc in America and keeping that in mind, President trump gave out a statement that china could have intervened in the issue but did not do anything to control the issue. He also said that he felt dejected and was very disappointed with China. Giving a firm answer on this, China said that the United States shouldn't link its trade and business to discussions of North Korea's program after Trump had accused Beijing of failing to condemn the Pyongyang despite being in trade relations with America.

China's stand on the issue

Trump's accusations didn't go well with China and hence vice minister of commerce Qian Keming cleared the air off by stating China has nothing to do with North Korea's nuclear issue and where the business is concerned China-US trade is completely different and both these issues should be kept separate and shouldn't be combined and discussed. The minister also said that both America and China have gained a lot of profit from their bilateral trade relations and their trade relations are mutually beneficial for both the countries.

The US stands on the issue

These statements came after Trump mentioned that he wouldn't allow China to do Nothing on North Korea's issue. In fact, China's foreign ministry also said that it was not responsible for North Korea's nuclear issue and everyone needs to work together and a find a definite solution to this problem.

And not only that, all the parties and even the country should have a clear understanding of this. Meanwhile, in terms of Chinese local papers also reported that Pyongyang is determined to develop its nuclear and missile program and pays no heed about the military threats from the United States.

Speaking of both the ends, China's official agency- Xinhua reported that the country wants to maintain fair trade with US and peace on the Korean peninsula.

Trump who wanted China to solve this issue at once spoke about US-China's relation too. Since China is Pyongyang's main economic and diplomatic ally, it expected China to intervene in between. On the same, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley criticized China by saying that the country needs to decide whether it is willing to take an important step or not.

China, however, is very firm that it would not do anything that could create a trouble or collapse any relations. Also, it does not want to create a ruckus along its border. Stay tuned for more political news and updates.