Health insurer Aetna has been known for giving its workers Apple Watches for free. Reports hint that after several secret meetings between the two companies, Apple is looking into giving 23 million free watches to Aetna customers.

Aetna is about to expand bonus Apple Watches to everyone

Aetna is one of the leading health insurers in the industry. For several years now, the company has been known for its corporate wellness scheme where employees and some regular customers can get an Apple Watch for free. The scheme gives away about 50,000 Apple watches annually.

Reports now claim that the health company is discussing the possibilities of expanding the scheme with Apple.

According to CNBC, Apple and Aetna held a series of secret meetings last week to discuss the possibility of extending Apple watches to the 23 million customers of the Health Insurance Company. According to the report, the secret meeting that was attended by executives from Apple and Aetna occurred in South California Thursday and Friday in Southern California. The discussion was reportedly lead by Myoung Cha, head of Apple’s special health projects. Hospital chief medical information officers coming from different US states were also reportedly in attendance.

Apple and Aetna’s win-win relationship

Aetna’s commitment to the rumored partnership could be justified by the company’s efforts to increase customer interest in a healthier lifestyle. EN Gadget reports that the health insurance company is banking on the hope the popularity of Apple’s watches. Whatever sum Aetna spends on smart watches will be a valuable investment in the long-run since it will likely result in fewer insurance claims.

Meanwhile, expanding the coverage of its partnership with Aetna will help Apple raise its Watches into a “must own fitness tool”. The contract can form part of Apple’s plan of becoming a key player in the digital health industry. If the tech giant agrees to a financial compromise with Aetna, the agreement could help the company score millions of new and possible repeat customers.

Partnering with Aetna could boost the sales of Apple Watch whose functions coincide with the latter’s campaign for wellness. The Watch is now customized to offer health and fitness tracking as one of its primary features. With a whopping 22 million shipments for the first quarter of 2017, the Apple Watch is now the top-selling wearable trucker, bumping its rival Fitbit.

Apple is quietly pursuing the development of new health sensors that will transform its Watches into a must-have device for people with chronic diseases. Reports also suggest that another Apple team is working on adding a noninvasive blood sugar monitoring to its hardware. If Apple’s expanded partnership with Aetna pushes through, it is expected to begin early next year.