Recently, NASA called for interested applicants to fill two slots as Planetary Protection Officers. A few days letter, the agency received an application from the most unexpected aspirant.

NASA received job application letter from a fourth grader

Following the call for interested candidates for the job as Planetary Protection Officers, NASA received a letter from the most unexpected applicant. Daily Mail reports that the 9-year-old Jack Davis was one of the very first candidates who expressed their intention to be considered for NASA’s job openings.

In his letter, Jack wrote that while he may be only nine years old, he firmly believes that he is fit for the job. To prove how serious he was with his application, the fourth grader kindly enumerated the reasons why NASA should hire him. Jack wrote that her sister often told him that he was an alien. The kid added that he has already watched all the alien and space movies there is to see. Jack noted that he already watched the “Marvel Agents of Shield” show and is seeking to view the “Men in Black” movie soon. To close his case, the 9-year-old said that since he is still young, he is very much capable of learning how to think like an alien.

Youngest applicant receives reply from NASA

Planetary Protection Officers are tasked to ensure that the human space missions to various destinations in space as well as returning missions to Earth will not cause any form of contamination.

The officers are tasked to ensure that the planet earth remains safe from any infectious microbe, or foreign organisms from space and human’s space exploration do not infect any of the heavenly bodies in space. Clearly, the job is too much for a kid.

However, Fox News says that NASA was delighted by Jack’s application. In response to the little boy’s display of courage and initiative to serve the country, the director of the agency’s Planetary Science Division sent Jack a response letter.

In his letter, the NASA director Dr. James L. Green acknowledges Jack’s passion towards working for NASA. He calls Jack a Guardian of the Galaxy and says that his interest to apply as NASA’s Planetary Protection Officer is great. The director proceeds by explaining, in children’s language, the job description of the job that Jack was interested in.

He highlighted that the job was very important. The director concluded his letter by stating that they are looking for future bright scientists and engineers and encourages Jack to do well in his studies so that he can join them in NASA in the future.