The news channels of the world are reporting the slanging match between the US president Donald Trump and the dictator Kim Jong-un of North Korea while a moment in the glorious history of US arms during World War II is ignored. Not many will be aware that the 75th Anniversary of a great battle known as the Battle Of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands has just passed. Guadalcanal is the main island of the Solomon Archipelago and was the scene of bitter hand to hand fighting between the US army and the Imperial army in 1942-43. History records it as one of the great battles of the Pacific war.

This year the celebrations of victory also brought into focus the role of the islanders who secretly observed the movement of Japanese submarines and ships and passed the information to the US command. This brave group known as the Pathfinders were was also honored as their contribution to victory over the Imperial army was substantial. The celebrations kicked off with the arrival of a few veterans who took part in the epic battle and the representatives of the US Army and the American ambassador. This is reported by Huffington Post.

Remembering the battle

The celebrations commenced on 02 August and continued for a week. it was a festive occasion and attended by visitors from around the globe, including veterans, their families, local residents of the islands, and military representatives from U.S., Australia, and Great Britain — and the opposing power, Japan, as well.

The Japanese had fought with tenacity and suffered 26,000 killed, but in the end, it was a great victory for American arms. About 10,000 Imperial army troops hiding in the jungles were rescued by the US army in 1943.

Honoring the pathfinders

But for the first time, the focus of this particular anniversary was the pivotal role that ordinary Solomon Islanders – fishermen and farmers — played in the fight to defeat Japan.

These ordinary citizens known as Scouts and Coastwatchers, risked everything to provide vital intelligence to the Allies. The Solomon Islands prime minister was on hand to lend the government's appreciation of the US army and the Islanders who sided against Japan.

Further celebrations

A special part of the celebrations was the creation of the Bloody Ridge National Park which was the scene of a terrible combat with the soldiers of the Imperial army. Memorial services were also held and in this remote corner of the world, it is good to know that the US army fought true and hard and most important, they won.