For decades Pakistan was considered a “dependable” ally by the USA, first against communism and later as an ally against Russia in Afghanistan. At that time the Taliban were an ally of the USA. Times changed and the Taliban turned against America and started terrorist activities against its mentor. In the war against terror, the US realized that Pakistan is hunting with the hound and running with the hare. It has come to light that Pakistan is fomenting terror in Afghanistan by supporting a faction of the Taliban and has decided to withhold $350 million support funds to it.

The chorus against Pakistan is led by Ted Poe who in a tweet has referred to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as a backstabbing nation. Earlier Poe had also supported Defense Secretary Mattis for his decision to withhold coalition support funds to Pakistan.Times of India has reported this news.

Ted Poe

Ted Poe is a member of the US of House of Representatives from Texas and is a man with strong convictions. He has always pointed out that Pakistan was not a dependable ally.

As per the National Defense Authorization Act, the Secretary of Defense has to certify that Pakistan is taking sufficient action against the Haqqani faction of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Defense Secretary - General Mattis has this year not certified this and accordingly, the USA has decided to withhold $350 million support funds to Pakistan.

Pak-US relationship

Pakistan's relationship with the US has gone from bad to worse in the last few months and for the first time, the US administration under Trump is making going public with statements about Islamabad being an unreliable ally.

In early July, US Senator John McCain visited Pakistan and at the conclusion of the visit issued a warning in which he asked Pakistan – to take action against the Haqqani Network or be ready to face sanctions.

Suspicious of Pakistan’s role

Along with the US, many other nations including NATO are growing suspicious of Pakistan's intentions. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has echoed the American view. China is, however, backing Pakistan to the chagrin of the USA.

Ted Poe for long has been pointing out the dubious character of the Pakistani regime.

It looks like that finally Donald Trump is coming to grips with reality. In a first, he had asked Pakistan to refrain from using its territory for terror activities during the recent visit of Modi to the USA.