Donald Trump's law team assessed potential conflicts of interest among members of the investigative panel of Robert Muller, according to three people who know about the problem. This announcement comes after the investigation into Romanian election intervention by Muller includes some of Trump's family connections.

Lawyer Jay Sekulow, who is among the president foreign legal team, said on Thursday in the Associated Press, that lawyers will constantly assess the issue of the conflict and raise it in the right place.

The essence of the investigation

Two of the people who know about the process say that these efforts include the politics of Muller's investigators and their labor history. Trump publicly opposed Muller, claiming this week that the former FBI director would cross the line if he investigated the President's personal relations. The focus on potential conflicts with Muller's team could be an attempt to end the federal and congressional investigation into possible election co-ordination between Trump and Russia.

While Trump attacks the investigation as a guerrilla witch hunt, investigations are increasingly being added to his family and close advisers, including the son of Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and senior advisor.

As investigations are intensifying, Trump's legal team is undergoing a reversal. According to two people who are familiar with this issue, New York lawyer Mark Korallo, whose unusual style irritates some of the House of Believers' assistants, is considered to be diminished during his visit to the operation.

The team that will conduct the investigation

John Dowd, a highly experienced attorney in Washington, is expected to increase his role in the non-president legal team, including Sekulow. These are a few of the rapidly growing team of lawyers who represent the president, his family, and close advisers, while the investigation is still expanding.

Another sign of a twist, Mark Corallo, who was the gate of the legal team, is no longer part of the operation, to those who are familiar with the situation. They insist on anonymity because they were unauthorized to discuss this issue publicly.

Trump is getting more and more disappointed with the probe that will probably be broadcasting its administration for months or even years. In an interview with reporters on Wednesday, Trump warned Muller that it would amount to a violation if he investigated Trump's family finances.

Mueller's maneuver to control the federal investigation is enormous. He is approved to investigate the mix of Russia, any potential links during the campaign, and any question arising from these investigations.