A Spokane Earthquake had a lot of people buzzing late Wednesday night (July 5). Centered in Western Montana, the earthquake reportedly measured in at a 5.8 magnitude. The United States Geological Survey reported that the epicenter was near Lincoln, Montana. The #USGS also reported that several aftershocks were felt in the area, measuring at 4.5 and then 3.8 as the night went on.

Social media was immediately exploding with posts from people who felt the Spokane earthquake, many of whom decided this was the opportune moment to dial 9-1-1. The switchboards were tied up with people feeling the need to announce that an earthquake had just taken place and that they had felt it.

Not everyone in the Spokane area or Eastern Washington State felt the ground move, though, causing some people to post that they felt "left out" of the whole situation.

How strong is a magnitude 5.8 earthquake?

While the 5.8 Spokane earthquake wasn't as immense as the 6.9 Chile earthquake from back in April, it was certainly felt by a lot of people. The depth of this particular earthquake was also only two miles, showing how close to the surface that it was in Montana. The closer an earthquake is to the surface, the more shaking that is going to take place in the surrounding areas. At that point, it can seem stronger than the true magnitude of the earthquake.

There have been no reports of damage in Montana or Washington State, but since it took place during the overnight hours, those reports could get updated later on Thursday morning (July 6).

What the USGS is confirming, is that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake took place at 11:30 p.m. PT / 12:30 a.m. MT and that it was officially measured in the states of Montana, Idaho, and Washington. There has been no confirmation that it was felt in Canada (yet).

People will be surprised to hear about this Montana earthquake on Thursday morning

A lot of people are going to wake up Thursday morning and not know that a Montana Earthquake took place overnight. For residents in Spokane, which is the second most-populated city in Washington State, it will be particularly shocking. Earthquakes with a magnitude that can be felt rarely take place in Spokane, so many people on social media are acting like a huge "event" just took place that many people have missed out on.

Recent reports about Yellowstone earthquakes and what it could do if the volcanoes there erupted will also lead to a lot of conspiracy theories about what is taking place right now. For now, since no damage or injuries have been reported in conjunction with the Spokane earthquake, it is being seen as a fun event that has people bonding on social media.