According to Newsweek, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his hope for improved relations with Washington and said that in real life, Donald Trump is very different from his television image. The president's wife Melania Trump sat next to President Putin at the G20 Summit's gala dinner on Friday.

Putin met with Trump in good relations

According to Putin, the first meeting with the American leader allowed them to talk about the prospects for restoring dialogue between the countries. He is confident that yesterday's conversation helped the parties to establish contacts and personal relations.

He also noted that Trump proved to be at his best in a conversation behind closed doors.

Trump in real life is completely different from his television persona,” Putin said on Friday. The meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump was held at the margins of the G20 summit in Hamburg. As reported, the heads of state managed to discuss the crisis in Ukraine, the Syrian problem, the issues of cyber security, and ways to improve bilateral relations. Instead of the planned 30 minutes, the conversation lasted more than two hours.

Putin says Trump understands the person whom he meets the first time

At the final press conference, Putin seemed to be optimistic about the Trump-Putin meeting, nevertheless, he preferred to stay temperate talking about President Trump.

Putin mentioned that Trump is able to understand the persons on meeting them the first time and then quickly analyzes and answers all the questions asked.

He added that if the U.S. and Russia continued the same pleasant way of communication, they could build good relations and the cooperation they need. The Russian media also presented the meeting in a good way, stressing that it lasted for more than two hours instead of set 30 minutes.

Putin said he was positive about reuniting the U.S. and Russian to good relations, which plunged during the Presidency of Barack Obama. According to the U.S. intelligence community, a hack on the Democratic opposition prior to polling day was a Russian attack.

Trump showed enough respect to Putin to make doubts about his intention to criticize Russia on some issues.

Congressional and Justice Department probes continue to investigate the problem of the "Russian interference" in the U.S. presidential elections 2016 and Trump's ties with Russia. The Kremlin and the White House denied any connections about this question.