Intelligence officials believe that Pyongyang will possess a reliable and intercontinental missile that will carry nuclear weapons next year, a report published by the Republican legislative arm shows that the US is increasingly concerned about Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile weapons program.

The report said two years was subtracted from the previous assessment and obtained a new confidential rating from the Intelligence Agency of the Armed Forces that North Korea could have used a nuclear bomb. The assessment gave rise to the recent nuclear test, which shows that the country’s program is more than likely.

Pyongyang's intercontinental ballistic missile advancement

The report said US officials estimated that the Pyongyang created the trusted and nuclear ICBM program of the following year, which will allow the program to move from the prototype to the line of ' Installation. The Committee informed reporters on Tuesday that each committee member examined the North Korean intercontinental development of ballistic missiles program.

Deputy assistant defense secretary for Nuclear Weapons Policy and Samuel Craves the Air Force director general at the National Air and Air Center sent representatives at the briefing.

McDonnell said the apparent success of July 4 missile launch by North Korea was a worrisome development because its aspiration poses a threat to US national security.

Rep. Mac Thornberry Committee Chairman after the briefing stated that a little more advancement in Pyongyang nuclear and missile program could place the US at risk. Pyongyang has advanced its Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and tested an ICBM the day Americans celebrated Independence on July 4.

The test was an important step towards the goal of North Korean nuclear missiles program to develop a nuclear warhead that could convey an ICBM capable of reaching the United States.

Congress urged to act fast

Thornberry, who is urging Congress to consider a $ 2.5 billion increase in the US missile defense budget said that the Congress and the US government should take necessary action and to safeguard the US and ensure that its allies are protected.

In an effort to be ahead of Pyongyang missile is trying to keep itself safe, the Pentagon has expanded its arsenal of missile weapons.

ICBM could lead to the destruction of Earth's atmosphere, but the US defense system could intercept ICBM.