Since July 5, four men have been missing in Pennsylvania. The police and the FBI are investigating this potential kidnapping, and it was reported that foul play was involved, according to Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub.

These four Young Men disappeared in different parts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Jimi Patrick (19) disappeared on Wednesday evening, July 5. Tom Meo (21), Mark Sturgis (22), and Dean Finocchiaro (18) vanished on Friday evening, July 7. Sturgis and Meo were last seen together, they were friends.

Police are investigating a property situated in Solebury Township.

Antonio and Sandra Dinardo own the property, and they also have a cement unit.

Different human remains were found

"We here are utilizing every resource at our disposal to try to find these four missing men and to solve this Case,” Weintraub said. It is believed to be the largest and widest investigation for a long time. It is reported that during the search with the help of Cadaver dogs, different human remains were discovered in 12.5 feet deep grave.

"We are going to bring each and everyone one of these lost boys home to their families, one way or another," Weintraub said. He also added "We are not done yet. This is a homicide, make no mistake about it.

Now the gravesite is being investigated in order to identify the human remains.

Some of the human remains belong to Dean Finocchiaro, the youngest of the four missing men, according to Matthew Weintraub' Thursday report. The case is believed to be a homicide. Other bodies are in the middle of the investigation. The grave is being excavated carefully and has a hole that's becoming deeper.

One suspect was found

Nevertheless, authorities still cannot say how exactly the missing men and this property are connected. Cosmo Dinardo (20), is the only son of the farmland owners. Suffering from mental illness, he has arrested three days ago because of possession of a shotgun, but this charge has nothing common with the missing men case.

On Tuesday he was released, as his father Antonio Dinardo paid $100000 bail in cash.

Missing Thomas Meo had been the car owner, Weintraub reported on Wednesday evening. The car was found in the territory of the same Dinardo property, registered to Meo without any legal documents for owner changing. The keys and title were found in the garage of the property, and Meo's diabetic life-saving kit was in the car.