For those anti-Trump Americans, Republican lawmakers who appear to defy President Trump throughout his presidency have been seen as one of the "good guys." Over recent votes on health care, people like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ.) was applauded for giving a very dramatic performance on the Senate floor last week.

Sen. Lisa Mukowski (R-Alaska) was also defended after being targeted by the Trump administration for voting "no" against repealing Obamacare, otherwise known as the affordable care act (ACA).

Lindsey Graham's hypocrisy from "skinny repeal"

While other have also shown that they have some backbone, Sen Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is one of the more popular senators who will accept some form of normalcy under a Trump administration.

An article published by the New Yorker titled, "Lisa Murkowski, Linsdey Graham, and how the health-care vote went down" explained the conditions by which Sen. Graham would vote for a horrific health care bill. Graham has said that if he was promised that Congress would have a committee conference following a repeal of the health care bill, he would vote for it.

The South Carolina senator made no secret that he was fine with voting for a bill that was labeled as a "disaster" as long as there was a conference. But the article also points to how the senator contradicts himself when he said that he would not vote for a "pig in a poke."

The way the New Yorker puts it, by Sen. Graham wanting assurances that a repeal bill would only be a placeholder for some future measure that was just as uncertain was basically his way of demanding a vote for a "pig in a poke."

Graham has publicly expressed his shock for how Republicans are "legislating" in Congress.

In fact, the article said that he has called their actions "irresponsible." But, he has also expressed a similar extreme-right style of aggression towards the Affordable Care Act by saying that he would like to see it collapse. With the recent failures by Republicans to replace and even repeal the current health care law, Graham appears to be leading the fight along with Trump.

Graham helps to progress Trump's agenda

In a recent meeting with the President, Sen. Graham seems to be with Trump to send the ACA into a "death spiral" by proposing they block federal subsidies. This would cause the insurance providers who are currently in the ACA marketplace and reluctant to join to flee and starve the health care program.

Last week, Senate Republicans decided to hold a vote for a "skinny repeal" bill which was a more stripped down version of a full repeal which also failed to get votes. But Graham voted for it anyway because he was given the assurance that the bill would only be temporary.

It's been reported that Sen. Graham was told by a member of the House Freedom Caucus that there was a movement building to pass the "skinny repeal" as law. When Graham learned about this, he wanted to get assurances from House Speaker Paul Ryan that this would not happen. When Ryan assured him that the repeal would not end up on the President's desk to be signed into law, he voted for it.

But Sen. Graham appears to say one thing and do the complete opposite in noting that Ryan has lied about those conditions in the past.

For instance, Paul Ryan promised to hold conferences if representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) just to pass the bill but never did. So it appears that Sen. Graham is really just as irresponsible and even as "deplorable" as the other Trumpublicans.