Earlier this morning President Donald Trump was speaking at the launch of the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, where he praised his daughter Ivanka Trump. He sarcastically stated, "If she weren't my daughter it would be so much easier for her. It might be the only bad thing she has going." Later in the day, a benefit of being the President's daughter did show up as she took her father's place at the G20 Summit, causing the internet to lose its collective head.

Exchange of seats captured by Russian official

Today President Donald Trump was sitting at the negotiating table with other leaders at the G-20 Summit when he had to leave to attend some bilateral meetings.

It was then that a Russian official, Svetlana Lukash, captured and tweeted out a photo of Ivana Trump taking her father's seat alongside other world leaders. Lukash, who is serving as a Russian emissary at the event, delete the tweet but not before it was screencapped and shared by many on Twitter.

White House says seat exchange is normal

Ivanka Trump briefly stepped in to join the main table, alongside Chinese President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Theresa May, for the working session of the 'Partnership with Africa, Migration, and Health.' At this point in the discussion the President of the World Bank, South Korean Jim Yong Kim, started talking about an initiative Ivanka was a part of, according to what a White House official told NBC News.

Ivanka was already at the meeting, sitting in the back before the seating change was made after President Donald Trump left. The same White House official also made a point to say how this was normal, as other world leaders briefly have their seat filled with someone with them when they have to step out.

Twitter reacts to the seat exchange

Despite the statement from the White House official and how other world leaders have their seats briefly filled, many on the Internet reacted negatively Ivanka Trump in her father's seat. This is due to the fact that Ivanka is the President's daughter and it struck many as unusual for a family member to take his place.

Usually, high-level cabinet officials are the ones who briefly fill a leader's seat.

So far Ivanka has had a large role, along with her husband Jared Kushner, as an advisor in the White House. She has also faced a wide range of criticism from opponents over her advisor role, perceived conflicts of interest and as being "complicit" in the policies that her father's administration has been pushing.