On Thursday, at least 76 policemen were injured and dozens of protesters detained in clashes in Hamburg before and during the G20 Summit, Aljazeera reported. In Hamburg, the organized aggressive groups were trying to break through to the building of the international trade center, where the G20 summit is being held.

According to the publication, policemen used pepper sprays, water cannons, and batons to oppose the protesters who attacked them with bottles and other objects. It was estimated that around 12,000 people in total were on the march.

Protesters in Hamburg accused the police of exceeding authority

According to the police, more than 100,000 protesters were expected in Hamburg to protest for the summit and 8,000 were from the Europe. The organizers of the protests in Hamburg, where the G20 summit began, accused the police of exceeding their authority. Around 20,000 officers were patrolling on the streets of Hamburg, water bodies and from the airways.

The Hamburg police said that clashes with law enforcers took place on the Schroderstiftstr street near Hamburg's exhibition center, where the first meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump, was being scheduled.

Merkel was hoping for the under control situation inside the Hamburg's Congress center where the G20 summit was held. The Hamburg police tweeted that near the guest house of the Senate of Hamburg, hundreds of people went out on streets.

What happened there?

Protesting tourniquet barricades, garbage containers, wooden pallets, and cars, reported in a morning press released by the Hamburg police.

Some people damaged a parked car of a Canadian delegation. Since Friday morning policemen have been injured, people threw bottles and pyrotechnics in them. Earlier it had been reported that, during the night clashes, 111 policemen were injured.

They attacked two patrol police cars near Alton Central Station and they partially knocked out the glass and stained the cars.

In one of the cars in which there were no police officers, the protesters threw a Molotov cocktail. The helicopter, patrolling the area above the Altona area, was also attacked by signal rockets. They flew very close to the helicopter but did not hit it.

The police said on Friday that the charges continue on the streets of Hamburg, dozens of arsons are committed, protesters throw bottles and pyrotechnics in the area of the station Altona.