Emergency Services get some strange calls from people. However, it is not often that a person calls in claiming that a Boa Constrictor is wrapped around their face. This is what happened in Ohio on Thursday, July 27 according to a report in the New York Times. Apparently, a woman called 911 to report an emergency which happened when boa constrictor wrapped itself around her head and face.

Boa constrictor wraps around Ohio woman’s face

The Ohio woman in question called up the emergency services to report the strange incident which perplexed the dispatcher taking the call along with the first responders at the scene.

The woman said that a 5-foot long boa constrictor had managed to wrap itself around her face and neck, and was biting her on the nose.

She also claimed that there was blood everywhere as a result of this bite. The dispatcher taking the call had to ask the victim several times to confirm what the emergency really was, as the official was just as confused as anyone in that position would be. The dispatcher finally said such an incident had never been reported before. Nonetheless, an emergency crew was sent to the woman’s house.

Firefighters who responded to the call revealed that the woman was lying in her driveway with the snake covering her face and head when they arrived at the scene. Seeing no other alternative, the rescuers quickly took out a knife and cut off the boa constrictor’s head to get to the victim trapped underneath.

She was then transported to a nearby hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Mayor says he is proud of the way first responders handled the situation

Dennis Bing, who is the mayor of Sheffield Lake later said that he was impressed by how the emergency responders handled the difficult situation. He stated that it was some quick thinking on their part to take out a pocket knife and cut off the snake in a bid to rescue the woman and also revealed that there was no other way to extract the woman from the jaws of the large reptile.

Bing also cautioned the woman against continuing to own such snakes in her home. It was reported that the victim owned two boa constrictors and nine ball pythons at her residence. Passersby reported seeing an empty cage by the woman’s house on Friday morning. The woman declined to be interviewed by news agencies. She will also take a long time to completely recover from her injuries which she suffered during the incident. However, this may finally make her realize that owning snakes may not be the best thing in the world.