Previously, a viral video spread on social media showed four men dragging a shark on a line behind a boat at high speeds. At the end of the video, only the shark's head was left as the body was pulled apart from the high speeds of the boat. These men have injured and killed other wildlife in Florida before, from prying open the jaws of a pelican to suffocating an eagle ray. Governor Rick Scott says enough is enough and several fishermen and residents of Florida are behind the proposal.

Securing protection

While the boys are under investigation, one of them has been identified.

Governor Rick Scott sent a letter to the Florida Fish, and Wildlife Conservation Commission says that the current fishing regulations are too lax and that he wants to tighten the measures to prevent any further human acts happening to local wildlife.

FWC spokesman Robert Klepper says there are numerous reports and photos of inhumane treatment of marine animals being caught for sport. This week a photo went viral of men catching a Hammerhead shark and pouring beer down its mouth as it gaps for air. Those men have yet to be identified and that the FWC is doing all it can to investigate and find evidence of inhumane treatment of animals being caught for sport.

Many local fishers who are both amateurs and professionals are appalled at a number of inhumane acts being allowed.

While sports fishing is big in Florida, protecting the animals that live around the state should always come first. While Manatees have bounced back and are being considered removed from the endangered list, animals like the Florida Panther and Groupers still have a long way to go before they are deemed to be removed from the endangered species list.

Going forward

Brian Yablonski, FWC Chairman, released a statement today stating that everyone at the FWC is on board with Gov. Rick Scott to push for tighter restrictions for the safety of the wildlife in Florida's water and skies. They will work with the Governor to push methods to ensure that all activities regulated by the FWC have the proper consequences set up so that no other animal would have to suffer.

Florida does attract many sports fishermen.

Here is the shark video from CBS This Morning.

One man has been identified and has asked for protection at his home. His social media account has since gone private, but the photos and evidence of mistreatment appear all over his post feed.