As the cases of the two men convicted of killing Teresa Halbach work their way through the court system, more and more people are talking about the possible outcomes. Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are seeing support coming from some unlikely places, not only close to home, but also around the world. Many of these supporters, or truthers as they are called, seem to have transcripts, exhibits and documents at their fingertips. Most are more than happy to discuss the evidence with anyone that asks, eager to shed some light on this troubling murder case.

Surprisingly, the vast majority will tell you that the docu-series "Making a Murderer" brought the case to their attention, but it was a review of the trial transcripts, documents and exhibits that convinced them of the innocence of the two men. While some feel that they have been vilified, a few don't feel that way at all. When I spoke with Laura Schrier Bieniek, she said she was aware of groups for people believing in Steven Avery's guilt, but she didn't join them or interact. That alone can keep supporters from most, if not all of the conflict.

Some groups on Facebook, such as the 'Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey Discussion Group' have a zero-drama policy, according to Lisa Szatkowski. They encourage discussion of the case, but do not tolerate name-calling or mud-slinging.

During my interview with Lisa, she stated, “It's so neat to meet other supporters. I wish more would get together for lunches and such like we do here.” She feels like the supporters have grown into an online family, and researching the case has given many people a sense of purpose.

Support from near and far

Another ardent supporter, Rebecca Snodgrass, was very up-front during her interview with me.

She did not enjoy watching "Making a Murderer." However, she felt compelled to research further.

She stated, “After our eyes were opened and the dimmers removed, we saw the light and it piqued our curiosity. We will not be silenced and neither will Steven or Brendan now that they have found their voice in us.” Besides being a vocal supporter for the two men, she also organizes rallies, collects gas cards for the family to use to see Avery and Dassey, and has donated to legal fees and commissary accounts.

Strong support also comes from Ireland, where Maura Flanagan has become a very active and vocal supporter for both men. She has organized rallies outside the US Embassy in Dublin to bring awareness to the case, and particularly to the plight of Brendan Dassey.

During my chat with Maura, she stated “I am appalled that an innocent child like Brendan can be sentenced to life imprisonment with absolutely no physical or forensic evidence against him whatsoever.” She expressed horror that the justice system allows interrogations of children with no attorney, parent, or supportive adult present.

Paul Capaldi weighed in from Scotland, “I feel that there are some in Wisconsin that have a hidden agenda,” he stated during my interview.

Paul took the extra step of reaching out to Sheriff Robert Hermann of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. After much research, Mr. Capaldi, too, remains a supporter of the two men.

Support for supporters

Among the supporters, few can hold a candle to Sandra Greenman. Mrs. Greenman, featured in "Making a Murderer," has been a supporter of Steven Avery's for over 11 years. She first became acquainted with Avery shortly after his arrest, and began writing to him while he was in the county jail. They developed a strong friendship that turned to romance for a time. No longer romantically involved, but still very good friends, Sandra has never wavered in her support. She devoted years to helping him work on his case while she sought legal representation.

When I asked if she was surprised by how many supporters the men have, she responded, “No, I expected that after the documentary came out people would see the truth as I saw it. It was just Steve and me against the world until the documentary was released.” Asked if the supporters help her to face the upcoming legal battles, Sandra replied, “Absolutely! I have met so many wonderful people that support me as well as Steve.” She, like many other supporters, feel that Manitowoc and Calumet counties have failed Teresa Halbach, as well as Avery and Dassey.

When asked to tell the world one thing about supporting Steven Avery, she stated, “Keep on believing in him and that the truth will come out in time. He really is a gentle soul.”