Chosen Astronauts spend months at a time aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to perform scientific experiments. This means they would have to live in isolation aboard the space lab away from the planet. But it doesn't mean they miss out on the fun.

Last 4Th Of July, the crew celebrated aboard the ISS. NASA posted a video of an aurora light show on the edge of the planet as seen from the space station. The astronauts may not be able to light their fireworks in space, but they were definitely able to enjoy a different kind of 4th of July experience.

NASA astronauts spend holiday in space

Jack Fischer, NASA's Expedition 53 flight engineer also took a photo of the aurora from inside the ISS. Fischer was inside the space station's copula when the image was taken. Both Fischer and a female NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson celebrated the 4th of July in space about 250 miles above the planet. Fischer's ode to the "American pride" was posted along with the photo. He said they might be having problems standing up straight in space but there is definitely no problem showing their celebratory mood for the 4th of July.


The amazing light phenomenon is caused by solar particles that collide with Earth's magnetic field, some particles are trapped around the planet that rapidly accelerates. The trapped particles then travel back to Earth's upper atmosphere at around 60 to 250 miles (100 to 400 kilometers). They then "excite" nitrogen and oxygen molecules that release photons of lights creating the auroras.

The dancing swirl of lights can be seen even from afar.

Although auroras are visible in some countries, the version seen from the ISS is definitely more extravagant to witness. And there are only selected few who will be able to enjoy the scenery from that vantage point. This is the reason why the astronauts aboard the ISS continuously share snaps of Earth and space to their social media pages to help the public see the beauty of the planet from their point-of-view.


But to make things more interesting, the two American astronauts aboard the ISS concluded the celebrations with a star and stripes photoshoot. The two were seen sporting a matching American-flag inspired outfit while posing for the camera. According to Whitson, the fashion police should give them a failing grade but regardless, she said they just love the country. Fischer posted a video showing himself and Whitson wearing the same outfit while wishing everyone on a Happy 4th of July.