trump addressed supporters in Iowa on Wednesday night to highlight his administration's attempts to increase internet connectivity in rural areas across the nation. Coming off two Republican victories in congressional special elections, Trump took the opportunity to speak about the legislation that he promises we'll be seeing in the near future.


Last week, the President called the House health care bill “mean.” In Cedar Rapids, Trump seemed to have changed his tune. “I hope we are going to surprise you with a really good plan,” Trump told the rally, “I’ve been talking about a plan with heart.

I said, ‘Add some money to it!’

Trump stated that the Republicans have “a very slim” majority to pass his healthcare bill in the Senate. He also expressed willingness to work with Democrats across the aisle to create legislation that both parties could agree on, stating that “It would be a beautiful, beautiful thing if we could get together as two parties that love our country," he added, "Just think about what a unified American nation would achieve.”

On the other hand, Trump slammed Democrats as “obstructionists” and said that even if Republicans proposed the “greatest health care plan in the history of the world, we would not get one Democratic vote.”


During his speech, Trump also brought up his plan for immigration, asserting that “the time has come for new immigration rules.” He repeated multiple times that he will get his wall and that America needs his wall.

The President mentioned putting solar panels on his wall to create energy so it pays for itself, causing Mexico to “pay much less money.” Mexican officials have repeatedly inserted that they will not pay for the wall. Trump also said, “I think we could make it look beautiful, too.”

Trump said that he planned on introducing legislation that would bar immigrants from being on welfare for their first five years in the country.

It’s not clear, however, what exactly he meant since immigrants already have limitations on welfare for the first five years living in the US according to a 1996 welfare law signed by President Bill Clinton. Yet, this law has had exceptions added to it. The President promised more on the proposed legislation would be coming “very shortly.”

Special Elections

The recent congressional special elections also got a special shout-out in Trump’s speech.

He had pointed out earlier in the day that Republicans were “5-0 in special elections.” He congratulated Karen Handel of Georgia and Ralph Norman of South Carolina for their recent wins. The President joked that, after the tight Georgia election, Norman was the “forgotten man.”

Speaking of the Georgia election, Trump aimed a few jabs at Democrat Jon Ossoff, stating that Democrats poured money into the campaign of a “kid who forgot to live in the community” where he was running. The President also took shots at the left-wing media. In addition to gloating about their lack of coverage of the results of the Georgia election due to Ossoff’s loss, he also called out “fake news” outlets.

When he mentioned CNN, the audience booed and Trump made a joke about their cameras cutting off because he offended them.

Ironically enough, the only news outlet that was carrying Trump’s speech live was the only outlet he praised: Fox News. CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC all continued with their regular programming instead of streaming the speech. Trump has refused to interview with CNN since August 2016 and MSNBC since May 2016.