Two US military officials confirmed to CNN that new military options for North Korea have been drafted by the Pentagon and are ready to be forward to US President Donald Trump for his assent.

The report said the option includes a prompt military action should North Korea carry out an underground missile launch leading to the advancement towards developing a nuclear warhead capable of hitting the US mainland.

US measures to stand North Korea

A statement from HR McMaster National Security Adviser on Wednesday confirmed that the draft plans are ready and would be forwarded to the President for consideration if Pyongyang conducts another round of underground ballistic missile tests.

McMaster said the Pentagon has prepared the military option because President Donald Trump made it clear that he will not accept North Korea developing Nuclear weapons capable of striking the US mainland.

McMaster said the US cannot afford to fail in its approach at tackling the North’s growing threat. He claimed that President Trump has issued a directive to draft several options which include military action. The South Korean President Moon is expected in Washington Friday to discuss a range of issues, including North Korea’s growing nuclear and ballistic missile threats. The National Security Adviser said there is the need to mount intense pressure on the reclusive state. The weeks ahead will be geared towards taking steps to douse the threat, he added.

Director of Central Intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo told reporters that President Trump is very concerned about the North Koran issues. He said the President asks for efforts to elaborate a response to the mounting threat on a daily basis. The US is worried about the regime’s advancement in nuclear technology development and its ability to hide testing, which is particularly worrisome according to a US defense official.

Haley's warning

On Wednesday, Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN, urged Congress that the US needs to take immediate steps as North Korean nuclear advancement may be moving faster than previously estimated.

She said that relying on Beijing to mount pressure on its neighbor and ally could sometimes be frustrating, hence The United States needs to adopt measures to stand North Korea.