Google is launching a new functionality through which users would be able to search for their ideal Jobs without having to visit third party search engines and job portals. People will instead now be able to search for their desired job directly from the search engine itself. The search engine will perform a search of the entire major job posting boards such as Monster, LinkedIn, WayUp, DirectEmployers, Facebook, Career Build, and others. Results will then be displayed to the user directly.

Searching for jobs through Google search

Google has introduced this new feature in a bid to make the process of searching for jobs easier than it is currently.

For instance, previously, users had to visit different job portals individually and look for their desired job. This would sometimes lead to users visiting a duplicate ad of the employer they have already viewed in a different website.

The feature is now available in English and users can take advantage of this functionality. Those interested can simply type out things like “jobs near me” or “Human resource jobs” and click on search. This will open the new job searching widget, which will allow users to select from a wide range of options to match the exact jobs that they are looking. Opening a job listing also allows the user to check the Glassdoor and Indeed ratings for that company, giving them a brief idea about the organization’s reputation.

The results can also be further narrowed down by specifications such as locations, or the industry, and even the website where it has been posted. Users will even be able to set notifications for a particular post or category of work they are interested in. This will allow them to receive an alert when such a position becomes vacant.

Google using machine learning to search for jobs

The company will first disregard all the duplicate job postings for a particular vacancy. This is the first step in its search for a person’s ideal job. After this Google will sift through all of the jobs in a bid to try and categorize them. Each listing posts some markup which assigns the category of that job.

Once a user finds the job they are looking for, Google will direct the user to the application page for the job. The application procedure is strictly between the company and the applicant and Google will not interfere with this process in any way. The company officials also stated that it has no intention of competing with job posting portals like Monster. For now, it will act as the middle man between an individual looking for a job and the ideal job posting for that individual.